Advisory Services

Supporting your Analytics Journey

We're In Your Corner

Not every organization needs an external consulting team to deliver analytics solutions. You may have aspirations to build your own analytics practice or level up a growing team... 

That's why we created CakeAI's Advisory Services. We're in your corner, providing expertise and support to ensure your analytics journey is a success.

just getting started? We'll help you identify the right Implimentation, Org Chart, Budget and Operating Plan.

Growing team?  We'll help you with best practices in Strategy, Leadership, Organizational Effectiveness and Culture. 

Why are Data Driven Decisions Important ?


Maximize Revenue

Learn the value drivers and stimuli that drive customer engagement, conversion and ROI. 



Build a Test and Learn Environment to validate or discover new insight without the risk to daily business.


Accerate Decision Making

Analytics allows an organization to be efficient by bringing the facts. No more haggling over opinions. 


Build Knowledge

Understand customer behaviour and monitor the key performance indictors that drive your business. 

Prioritizing Analytic Workloads

Trying to figure out which analytics projects to focus on can be daunting, but by using these simple concepts you can get going on your analytics journey. There are two key dimensions that willl help us:

Impact (x) in which we attempt to understand and measure the percieved impact of this work on the organization after understanding corporate goals to maximize revenue, drive innovation or other.

Difficulty to Execute (y) where we evalute: (i) Do we have have the resources and knowledge in place to start?  (ii) What is the percieved difficulty of the problem / project ?  (iii) What is the expected amount of time to solve the problem?

The Right Skills To Succeed in Analytics

CakeAI's Advisory Services can help you understand strengths and areas of opportunity to ensure your Analytics or Data Science practice succeeds.

Our Advisors start by evaluting your organization's talent and infrastructure to understand the current state (blue) of your analytics practice. We then work with executives or key stakeholders to understand key business objectives and strategic plans to identify an ideal state (orange) for an analytics practice at your organization.

We will tailor a growth plan to address key "gaps" between current state and ideal state to ensure the long term success of your business. Whether it's hiring, training, data quality or better tools we'll not only help find the solution, but we'll help you build it.