Located in Toronto, Canada our research lab is highly invested in bridging Artificial Intelligence with Robotics. We continue to experiment in these areas and prototype emerging technology. 

High Functioning Intelligent Robotics

We're building intelligent systems at scale utilizing emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Robotics and 3D Printing.  
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High Functioning Intelligent Robotics

Building Tomorrow. Today.

We are currently developing a high functioning robot built on our own FoxE1 singleboard processor. Convolutional Neural Networks are used for the visual recogniton and detection of objects and people. These visual cues work in concert with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Mechatronics to intelligently interpret what is being seen and heard to derive the appropriate response. We heavily leveraged TPU Edge computing to minimize computational spend and ensure seamless response time to neural processing. We design and fabricate many of our parts in house via 3D Printing facilities while partnering with external vendors on motorized components. We look forward to sharing more as our journey continues.

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