Why Choose Us?

CakeAI prides itself on excellence, collaboration and actionable results. We challenge assumptions with data driven insights and in-depth assessment. Our team includes some of the best minds in our industry with extensive experience to make Analytics and Artificial Intelligence a reality in your business. 

Data Analytics 

Our team has over 25 years of experience to help you better understand your customers with:
- Price Optimization
- A/B Testing
- Acquisition and Attrition
- Customer Segmentation
- Survey Design/Analysis

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Big Data Architecture

How do you build the right systems and tools to receive, store and interpret data? We have the know-how to get you working with data. 
- Cloud Architecture
- Analytics Platform Tools
- Real-time Data Pipelines

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Artificial Intelligence

Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve or automate the most complex operational challenges your company faces.
- Image Recognition
- Natural Language 
- Demand Pricing Engines
- Recommender Systems

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Advisory Services

Our experts are here to help guide and coach your data analytics journey. We can help you:
- Build an Analytics Practice
- Strategic Planing and Roadmap
- Data Monetization
- Evaluate Potential Use Cases
- Talent Evaluation and Coaching.

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